Colbane, Russell

Cobane, Russell

Russell Cobane - Artist Biography 

Russell Cobane has dedicated a lifetime to the perfection of his art. During his youth Cobane took his passion for the outdoors and became a landscape painter, frequently painting the areas where he camped and fished. He continued his art career by becoming a prominent commercial illustrator in the 1970’s. He developed an interest in plants and started growing orchids. This love of plants and nature steered him in the direction of painting wildlife. Among the awards he has won in his career are the 1989 Michigan DU Artist of the Year Award and the 1995 Featured Artist for the DU National show. His efforts in conservation has earned in excess of $500,000 for Ducks Unlimited alone. 

Cobane, a true perfectionist, always has one last finishing touch to add to each of his paintings before he is satisfied. "Painting is just a small part of the joy of being an artist," he says. "The real reward comes when a collector falls in love with a painting and chooses it for their very own. This is what gives me a real sense of joy and completion." 
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Nature's Jewels by Russell Colbane

Beautifully conservation framed print on paper hadn signed by Russell Colbane. E-mail if you would like us to E-mail you images of the framed print.

Price: $400.00
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