Cole, Julie Kramer

Cole, Julie Kramer

Julie Kramer Cole's art depicts the mood of the sacred spirits. Her visions are rendered with striking compositional style and clean, soft color palate. a moment in Her pastels reveal Native American life and the legendary American West 

Cole is a gifted, intuitive artist who stores each careful observation in her mind's eye for future paintings; "As an artist," she says, "I work many hours before ever putting a pencil to paper. Everything is remembered…from the legend on a historical marker to the vast sunsets of the Colorado Rockies." 

An art major at Colorado State University and a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art, Cole was initially drawn to the commercial art field, where her natural ability to portray anatomy was spotlighted, and she became a leading freelance fashion illustrator. In 1981, Cole turned to fine art. Working mainly in pastels, she developed the unique painting style that has become her signature. Cole's work has been exhibited extensively, has received numerous awards, and has become a valuable investment for art lovers. 

Her art is sought out by many and has reached collector status. Many of her limited edition prints have been sold out
Cole has gained international recognition as one of the finest artists of the Western Art genre. Art lovers everywhere are eager to possess a bit of the Julie Kramer Cole magic. With her unique style, her special art will fit into any decor and become an eloquent asset to be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.
The Feather

26" x 14" Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Lithographic Print on Paper. Print number 2409/2850. Certificate of Authenticity. 

Price: $185.00

Interwoven by Cole, Julie Kramer 

limited edition book - INTERWOVEN - includes a frameable, signed and numbered cameo print, Water Vision, image size 7.5 x 10.5". 
Collectable book contains three chapters, each focusing on an aspect of her life and art. After an introduction, the first unit, "Illustrator", contains anecdotes and illustrations from her early career as a commercial artist. The second unit, "Imagist", includes stories and color plates of limited editions published by Cole Fine Art. The last unit, "Introspective", features a dialog providing answers to many questions collectors have about Julie, her art, and her life.

Edition size - 1996

Price: $380.00

Keepers of the Secret

20" x 16" Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Lithographic Print on Paper. Print number 2414/3500. Certificate of Authenticity.

Price: $185.00