Hunt, Alan

Hunt, Alan

Hunt, Alan - Alan Hunt is a wildlife artist and activist. Born in England, he studied both art and zoology. After graduating, he worked for several years as a zoologist, eventually becoming the director of the Chester Zoo in Chesire, England.

Alan paints only during daylight hours as he prefers not to use artificial light. He works in a variety of mediums, primarily oil, but also gouache, ink, acrylic, egg tempera and watercolor. His scientific background, world travels, observation and experience with wild animals all contribute to his realistic style of painting which is accurate and evocative.

Hunt's wildlife art hangs in many collections, private and public, throughout the world.
Eat My Dust

Signed and Numbered Lithograph
Edition Size - 395
Image Size - 29.75"w x 15.75"h
Certificate of Authenticity 

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