Monti, Jean

Jean Monti grew up in a family of six children in North Providence, Rhode Island. Her mother provided an early artistic influence, keeping Jean and her older brother (who had muscular dystrophy) entertained with arts, crafts and drawing. In spite of his limitations, her brother always tried to do his very best. Inspired by his inner strength, drawing and painting became Monti’s passion. Art was an extension of her identity, and at a very young age, she knew that it would also become her life’s work.

Upon graduating in 1987 from The Rhode Island School of Design with a B.F.A., she began a successful freelance career, working at home and creating artwork for advertising and editorial illustration. Monti’s devotion to her family is an integral part of her personality. After she had children, she turned to illustrating romance novels because the deadlines for these were more flexible. Putting in a full day at the easel, the hours spent in her studio revolved around her children’s needs. Despite the advantages of her work, and with more than 70 covers to her credit, her assigned subject matter was not personally fulfilling to her as an artist.

Monti loves to paint, she loves children, and since she has dedicated her career to fine art, children are the subject she loves to paint most. She creates splendid scenes with realism and with sensitivity, beginning with the design. A member of the National Watercolor Society, Monti is equally adept with watercolors and acrylics, but her medium of choice is oils on linen. She uses them to render luminous skin tones with meticulous detail. Her use of light suggests a celestial source, highlighting the contrasting textures of delicate fabrics and gently softening the edges to create a mood of serenity.

Many of Monti's paintings are in the homes of private collectors. In all of her paintings, she seeks to evoke an emotional response. Frequently she will consider something she has seen or something she has envisioned as an idea for a painting. But more often, she chooses a subject because the emotion connected with it is something that she has experienced, and she is an artist who trusts her instincts. “When everything is clicking, the painting feels like it’s coming alive. I try to create idealistic settings that are romantic and pure. I have always been driven to create something that touches someone else, in order to make them feel good and to make them feel loved. That has to be the biggest reward. My work is an extension of myself — a legacy to my children and family. My mission is to share my work — to have people see it and to make them feel great.” by Millpond Press
Love at First Sight by Jean Monti

Signed and numbered limited edition lithographic print on paper. Print number 189/950. Image size is 19.5 x 15".

Price: $250.00

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