Pieper, Nelda

Peiper, Nelda

The vibrant art of Nelda Pieper has been described as romantic realism. Executed with sparkling strokes of precisely detailed broken color, her impressionistic landscapes and appealing portraits of children are bright, inviting and timeless. More than 1,000 of her paintings are included in private, corporate and museum collections. Pieper's art is largely self-taught: "I have learned to put people into their world where they can freely move around." 

Pieper is an artist who remains endlessly fascinated with the human form and face. A native Texan who received her first set of paints when she was ten, she gave her first "masterpiece" to her beloved grandma, her greatest supporter. As an adult, she bought herself a set of pastels and a book on portrait art and decided to paint her daughter. Soon, family and friends were asking her to do portraits of their children in her photorealistic style. 

She began to experiment with oils and her late husband, a well-known Western artist, taught and encouraged her. The more she studied fine art, the greater her respect for the complexity of impressionism became. Pieper believes it allows her to render subjects the way they appear in life to the human eye, which blends colors, focusing primarily on the subject, with the surroundings being secondary. 

A disciplined artist, Pieper is at her easel (one which she designed) long before the sun rises each morning. Although she has been painting professionally since the late 1950s, she remains receptive to new approaches, mediums, genres and surroundings as she perfects her craft. As a result, the art of Nelda Pieper reflects her inquisitive nature and her willingness to experiment. It reveals her delight in the vistas that provide her with a constant source of inspiration. Her glowing portraits of children provide us with more than a peek at their world. They give us an opportunity to see the world through their eyes — the colors seem brighter, the smallest details more fascinating. The irresistible art of Nelda Pieper is at once both unique and universal. The Mill Pond Press
Just Tall Enough by Nelda Pieper

Signed lithographic print on paper. Image size is 9 x 11".

Price: $55.00