Popovac,  Gwen

Gwynn Popovac was born  December 1, 1948 in Delaware, but spent most of her childhood in the San Fernando Valley. She started working in crayon on paper and walls at the age of four.  Mainly self-taught, she didn't go public with her art until  she was living in Westwood, Los Angeles, and attending UCLA as a literature student.  Larry Gagosian was her first agent, freeing her up to camp in the Mojave and Sequioa on the week ends.  In 1971, she helped him open his first gallery -- a courtyard affair in Westwood Village, where she exhibited her art.  Westwood was a thriving art spot at that time.  And she benefited hugely from the artistic sensibilities and support of friends she made then, such as Billy Kinchelow, Wade Brooks,  Cathleen Fitzpatrick-Linder, Martina Rameriz, Louis-Laurent Gauthier.  And especially the late Stephen Greengarde, who kept a keen eye on her work, and let her know if he felt she wasn't moving forward on her path.  

From Los Angeles, she moved to the Mediterranean with her future husband, Vladimir Popovac.  They also lived for a decade in northern Vermont, where their daughter was born.  With the roar of the city exchanged for the hum of the country, Gwynn found herself living in a realm where the natural world and dreams blended together easily. Out of the flora and fauna, wild terrain, dramatic weather, and an ever-present child  -- all distilled through dreams -- her art grew all the more into a personal mythology.

She also lived for a brief time on the Adriatic, returning to The States to edit her novel Wet Paint, which was published in 1984 by Houghton MIfflin, and later by Ballantine. She and her family made a new home for themselves outside of Sonora California, again with ample opportunity to blend in with nature.  

Lady Bird Beetle Labrynth by Gwen Popovac

Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print on paper. Print number 23/35. Image size is 9 x 9" on 10 3/4" x 10 3/4" deckled edged paper. Certificate of authenticity.

Price: $75.00